Roast coffee on mobile device

Roasters Pal structure
There are 3 main parts which makes your roasting experience more convenient

Keep all ideas, remarks and other notes about beans, recipes, roasting technique in one place


Track your roast progress, times, log, view roast structure, RoR, record test probes and break points


Check all the history of recorded roasts. Import/export, share or print profiles. Preview and/or edit profile details

Roast to target
Great way to adjust roasting to match target

Load target profile to the background. This will helps to monitor and compare how your roasting progress against the target profile (BT, RoR, BURNER and FAN settings). You can adjust your roaster in time to get same or close replica of target profile.
Roasting Features & Benefits
Preview and access main function
Burner, Fan, Probes

Press button to record test probe to logs.
Adjust BURNER and FAN settings

Break Points

Press the button when the break point reached. New phase timer will start

Logcat records

Logged data: time, temperatures, events, test probes, burner and fan position.

Roasting graph

Press graph icon (top right corner) to switch to the graph view

Main timer and notifications bar

Main timer shows total duration
Notifications bar will show status or progress of roast

Roast structure, Readings window

Roasting structure for drying, caramelisation and development phases
Drag window with temperatures and RoR to any convenient position.

Roasters Pal Screenshots
Available packages and differences
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  • CheckAuto logging (Bluetooth device)
  • CheckEdit, import, export and print profile
  • CheckRoR step: 60s
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  • CheckAll Free version features
  • CheckNo Ads
  • CheckEarly access and advanced features
  • CheckRoR steps: 60s, 30s, 15s
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